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rolex cellini replica watches is quickly becoming the brand to trust for action movies. The all-British chronometer maker has outfitted Tom Hardy for Colombia Pictures' Venom. This follows the success of the original Kingsman movie. rolex cellini replica watches's U2/51-JET watch is chosen for screen time. In collaboration with the studio, Adi Granov (comic artist and aviation enthusiast) has been commissioned to paint the rolex cellini replica watches Broussard. This aircraft was a former French military aircraft from the 1950s.

Venom is Marvel's most complex and enigmatic antiheroes.replica rolex cellini watches This role would suit Academy Award-nominated Hardy, who was apparently on the short-list for James Bond. Hardy has a long history of creating dark and twisted characters. The new U-2/51 JET watch, which rolex cellini replica watches has purchased stealthily, can be seen on his wrist all throughout Venom.

This "Jet" timepiece was inspired by some of rolex cellini replica watches's military work commissioned for the RAF's 100 squadron. The stealthy Hawk T1 aircraft of the first squadron led to its design. The case is black smoked glass and allows one to see the movement through it.

Says Nick English, rolex cellini replica watches Co-Founder: "Tom is not only a phenomenally-talented actor but is perfectly placed to bring to life this lethal protector and his struggle between good and bad. rolex cellini replica watches's most stealthy watch, the U-2/51 Jet, is our favorite.Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver We felt it suited the darker side of this film. We are honored to have Eddie Brock (played by Tom) wear our watch all through the film and we can't wait to see the final product in October."