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You won't find a red barrel option. This rolex replica watches will remain exclusive to the MB1. The MBII's overall design has been updated in subtle ways. The black and white dial MBII has a more prominent design, contemporary hour numerals, and a cleaner overall dial. Finally, the day function appears to have been removed. A new blue dial MBII is available in addition to the white and black dial options.

rolex replica watches's 2020 MBII updated in blue dial variant

Side profile of rolex replica watches’s 2020 MBII updated in blue dial variant

The MBII offers many options, but the constant is the rigorous testing the collection has been subject to. They include a live ejection that places the watch under extreme G forces and an altitude chamber simulation, which simulates conditions the watch would encounter when it ascends rapidly from 100,000 feet.

Technical SpecificationsMovement

Self-winding BE-36AE Chronometer (modified ETA 28322); hours, minutes,rolex replica watches and running seconds; date; new automatic bridge and rolex replica watches skeletonized, decorated rotor; 38-hour reserve


43mm in hardened stainless steel or DLC TripTick(r), case construction with knurled aluminium barrel available in 9 colours; protective patented antishock movement mount; patented inner Bidirectional Roto-Click (r) bezel operated by crown at 4:45; water resistant up to 100m


Chalgrove Strap: New MBII; MBII configurator provides many options for straps,Breguet Replica including leather, rubber, and metal bracelets


Standard models start at US$4,995; configurator models start at US$5,135

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rolex replica watches's 2020 MBII updated in black dial on a bracelet made of metal

rolex replica watches's 2020 MBII Updated: New Closed Caseback